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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Law Punctuated by a Question Mark

Joey Bunch,

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No one expects to pass a law that's going to have problems, but it's hardly uncommon to have those told-ya-so moments that offer hollow gratification for those who opposed it from the start. When it comes to governing life and death, these stumbles deserve a longer look.

Jakob Rodgers of The Gazette recently reported on the first data from Colorado's medical-aid-in-dying law, which voters passed in 2016. Sixty-nine people sought prescriptions to end their lives, and 50 of them reportedly picked up the lethal drugs from a pharmacist.

We don't know how many died by choice, or what happened to the deadly prescriptions, if any, that weren't used. Voters passed a law that doesn't require the state health department to keep track of that kind of information.