Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Even Law Enforcement is Denied Access to Information

In Oregon, even law enforcement is denied access to information about cases under Oregon’s law. Alicia Parkman, Mortality Specialist for the Oregon Health Authority, states:
We have been contacted by law enforcement and legal representatives in the past, but have not provided identifying information of any type.  (Emphasis added).[1]
Oregon attorney Isaac Jackson provides a similar account:
The [police] officer’s report . . . describe[d] that he was unable to get . . . information from the Oregon Health Authority . . . . [2]

[1]  E-mail from Alicia Parkman, Mortality Research Analyst, Oregon Health Authority, to Margaret Dore, January 4, 2012, available at 
[2]  See Jackson Declaration at  (quote at page A-84)